Car Lock Repairs

Car lock repair Dublin Just like most people, you have probably never thought about your car locks because you have never locked your car keys inside your car. The locking mechanisms of today’s cars have a rich history and it may surprise you to find out how these locks became an important part of the safety features of a car.

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The first car locks

People installed locks in their cars on a regular basis until the 1920s. Prior to that, the well-to-do are the only ones who owned most cars. The employees that the car owners hired helped in maintaining these cars and they rarely left any car alone without anyone taking care of it. However, as the number of cars that was produced increased, car locks started to become a necessity. 

Improvement of the original locks

General Motors introduced a sidebar lock with six cuts in 1935. Chrysler was using a similar type of lock on its trunks by 1959. However, pin tumbler locks were used to replace both the door locks and trunk in 1966. The internal mechanisms of these locks caused fewer problems to the car owners because the locks were more durable. 

Newer car locks and the modern car locksmith

Car owners only needed a car locksmith to use a pin tumbler lock to open a car. However, the locksmith industry has also changed and grown significantly because of the advancements in car locks. Nowadays, biotech recognition systems, touch pad systems and entry systems that do not require a car key are available. Hence, the locksmith industry has changed significantly because such types of entry systems are nowadays standard on many cars.

Many of the locks that people use nowadays need a lot of repair and training in order to open. Some years ago, locksmiths made the task much easier by using some special tools and master keys. However, nowadays, locksmiths must specialize in specific types of locks and even have a lot of training. 

Finding the right locksmith in Dublin for your car

You do not want any kind of locksmith to work on your car. Instead, you want one with a wealth of experience with the type of car that you own. Only a few locks are similar and some of them need special tools that only some locksmiths have. When you start looking for a locksmith for your car, you should find out if they have the necessary qualifications to work on it. This is very important especially with the newest car models. 

You should not allow just any locksmith to work on your car because you could damage it and find it very expensive to replace. Sometimes a locksmith will require you to sign a waiver that states that they will not take responsibility for any damage. This could be an indication that the company has experienced problems in the past. Hence, you should not sign this waiver and instead, you should consider contacting another company. 

If you do not want any costly repairs, you should choose a qualified car locksmith in Dublin. You should allow a locksmith to start working on your car only after getting a quote for the unlocking by using insured and licensed companies.
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